The Consell and the Farmers invest 400.000 euros in the irrigation by Dripping of Tavernes

The Tremutxa Motor will affect about 750 hanegadas and will save water, dose the fertilizers and improve the quality of the crop

The farmers of Tavernes de la Valldigna are in luck, since the new drip irrigation system of the Tremutxa Motor has been put into operation.

The introduction of the new irrigation system has been possible thanks to an investment of 393,604 euros, of which the Ministry of Agriculture has contributed half. The Consell will be responsible for 196,802 euros of this action.

The Sindicat de Regs de Tavernes and the community of irrigators wanted to thank the Consellería for its involvement in this project, which allows improving the conditions of the field by optimizing irrigation, improving cultivation and reducing costs.

The scope of action of the Sindicat de Regs de Tavernes embraces the entire area of ​​the municipal district called La Partida, where until the 70s rice was planted. From that moment, the actions of the farmers began to raise the level of the land to dry it and be able to grow other products. Nowadays most of the area is planted with orange trees.

The Tremutxa Motor will irrigate some 750 flooded areas known as the Gulf, Teularet and Tremutxa itself.

In recent years, several trickle investments have been made, including the Motor de Moleta, which affected 400 floods in April 2011.

The situation of the field is complicated. There is a large amount of land that has been left abandoned, but a good number of farmers are striving to provide their crops with new methods to improve their profitability, as in the case of drip irrigation.

This type of irrigation allows saving water, dosing the fertilizers and improving the quality of the crop.